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Welcome to the Adelaide Lawn Mowing Association

At ALMA, we represent and foster a community of supportive, like-minded independent lawn and garden care businesses who help each other to thrive.

We understand that starting and running these businesses can be hard, lonely and daunting for many.

It doesn’t have to be.

It’s why, since 1957, we’ve been helping independent garden care professionals grow and succeed, while making it easy for the public to access the local, trusted lawn and gardening help they need.

Our members gain access to exclusive benefits and opportunities to network with collaborative business people who help each other out.

Supported by our friendly team, our members say no to stress and enjoy a far less lonely experience.

With a supportive community built on sharing knowledge and experience, members can access training, discounted supplies, sick work relief scheme to assist when you are out of action, and other exciting business-building opportunities.

They also gain a listing on our online directory, making it even easier for the public to find and engage them for lawn and gardening services.

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Our mission includes working closely with government organisations, the media, consumers, industry and all forums where our members need representation—and our key objectives include:

  • Promoting the interest of members in all matters relating to lawn and garden care and maintenance.
  • Encouraging high ethical standards in business.
  • Effecting an interchange of ideas as a means of increasing efficiency.
  • Encouraging cooperation among members and improving their knowledge and technique in lawn and garden care management.
  • Communicating to members and to the public, information relating to lawn and garden maintenance—and publishing and circulating informative papers, books, leaflets and circulars that promote our objectives.
  • Promoting the activities of the Adelaide Lawn Mowing Association and its members as a responsible industry organisation.

Our Code of Ethics

Professional lawn care and garden maintenance continues to be an important service to the public who look to professional lawn and garden care contractors to provide effective services.  ALMA members are highly regarded for their ethical and responsible service meaning you can expect a level of quality assurance not offered by other lawn contractors.

This privilege carries with it responsibilities and duties to many people. For that reason, ALMA has established this Code of Ethics to encompass pricing policies, a standard of workmanship and minimum standards of training and knowledge for membership of the Association and by which all members should voluntarily operate.

Obligations to the public

  • Members have obligations to the public to embrace the spirit and letter of the laws governing their commercial activities and should thoughtfully consider the social and environmental impact of their activities.
  • Members shall neither communicate nor promote themselves or their professional services in false, misleading or deceptive manners.
  • To conduct services primarily with regard to the safety, health and welfare of the public.
  • They shall strive to improve the environment and the quality of the life and habitat within it in a sustainable manner, being fully mindful of the effect of their work on the widest interests of all those who may be reasonably expected to use or enjoy the product of their work.

Obligations to the client

  • Members have obligations to their clients to carry out their professional work faithfully, conscientiously, competently, and in a professional manner.
  • They should exercise unprejudiced and unbiased judgement with due regard to the relevant technical and professional standards when performing all professional services.
  • Shall not conduct activities in a manner involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, misrepresentation or bias.
  • To operate constantly in accordance with the best and accepted ethical business practices.
  • To provide services, recommendations and information based on honest, scientific, accurate and factual knowledge. (loosely interpreted as “Thou shalt not bullshit”).
  • To maintain professional competence by keeping abreast of new information and developments.
  • Shall only undertake work where they can ensure that they possess adequate knowledge and abilities and where adequate financial and technical resources will be provided in order to fulfil their commitments in every respect to their clients.
  • Members shall perform their professional work with due skill, care and diligence.
  • Members shall carry out their work without undue delay and so far as it is within their powers within a reasonable time limit.

Obligation to the environment

  • Be responsible for the protection and preservation of our most valuable resource – the environment.
  • Encourage and maintain ecologically sustainable and energy efficient development.
  • Operate in a safe manner in handling all products and monitor safety and environmental factors relating to services performed.
  • Obligation to the Laws of our Land.
  • Abide by all laws and government regulations, Federal, State, and Local, affecting lawn and landscape businesses, and support the enforcement of these laws.

Obligation to fellow professionals

  • To strive for the continued improvement to the image and reputation of lawn and garden maintenance contractors by good business practices.
  • Refrain from the use of false, misleading or deceptive marketing or advertising practices that may result in the degradation of the professional industry image, or injure the professional image of fellow lawn and landscape professionals.
  • utilise sound professional management practices and encourage associates/employees to respond in a like manner.
  • Prices should be set at a suitable rate that will cover operating overheads and relevant Award hourly labour rates. Operating overheads include depreciation of plant and equipment and provision for replacement.
  • Conduct professional activities in an interdisciplinary manner and recognise the need to collaborate with suitably qualified persons in areas where the member is less experienced.
  • To recognise and respect the rights of competitors in the true spirit of individual endeavours and free commercial enterprise.
  • Help all customers, non-member industry representatives, suppliers and fellow lawn and landscape companies become aware of the standards set forth in this Code of Ethics.

Obligation to the Association

  • Participate in Association activities and events to help further the image of the profession.
  • Members shall where possible in any form of advertising they undertake include the registered logo of the Association and the words “Member of the Adelaide Lawnmowers Association”
  • The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct was adopted by the Adelaide Lawnmowers Association Inc and ratified by members of the Association at a General Meeting on the 21 August 2000.
  • Until revoked or amended in accordance with the Rules of the Association, this Code of Ethics is that governing the professional activities of members of the Association.

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