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The Adelaide Lawn Mowing Association (ALMA) acts as a contact point for households and businesses to engage our professional members for lawn and gardening services.

Our membership list ensures you receive sound advice and good service on all matters relating to your lawn and garden maintenance.  We support our members so that they can get on with the day to day tasks that help you.

ALMA has been in operation since 1956 in Adelaide, South Australia and offer our members a range of products and services, such as leading brands and products, team backup, insurances and training.

ALMA’s mission also includes working closely with Government organisations, the media, consumers, industry and all forums where our members need our representation.

The objective of Adelaide Lawnmowers Association Inc (ALMA)

  • Promote the interest of its members in all matters relating to lawn and garden care and maintenance.
  • Encourage high ethical standards in business.
  • Effect an interchange of ideas as a means of increasing efficiency.
  • Encourage co-operation among  members and improve their knowledge and technique in lawn and garden management.
  • Communicate to members and to the public, information relating to lawn and garden maintenance  – and to publish and circulate informative papers, books, leaflets and circulars that promote our objectives.
  • Promote the activities of the Association and its members as a responsible industry organisation.