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At ALMA, we represent and foster a community of supportive, like-minded independent lawn and garden care businesses who help each other to thrive.

Our members gain access to exclusive benefits and opportunities to network with collaborative business people who help each other out.

Supported by our friendly team, our members say no to stress and enjoy a far less lonely experience.

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Why become a member?

ALMA membership provides many opportunities to connect with a community of supportive, like-minded independent lawn and garden care businesses who help each thrive. Membership includes:

  • Online directory listing: an opportunity to gain new customers via our website Find a Professional locality search directory.
  • Discounted supplies: ALMA operates an extensive store, and sells fertilisers, chemicals, oils, trimmer line, chainsaw chain & bars, & hundreds of other useful items for contractors all at prices lower than elsewhere.
  • Members-only Knowledge Base: a searchable online database consisting of comprehensive articles on lawn and garden care. Topics include chemicals, fertilizers, lawn types, maintenance and tree related information.
  • Mentoring Program: new members have the opportunity to be linked to an experienced mentor for advice and encouragement.
  • Holiday & Sick-Relief Program: these schemes provide peace of mind and security in the knowledge that your business customers are being looked after while you are away or recuperating.
  • Seasonal Newsletters: articles to help and inspire members when managing their businesses. Newsletters contain a calendar of association activities and information for the coming garden season.
  • Credibility: belonging to a large professional group provides credibility for sole-proprietor businesses.
  • Build networks: ALMA provides a forum for the meaningful exchange of ideas and information between members.
  • Professional development: we have informal discussion groups when requested by our members on topics that are relevant to the lawn care industry.
  • Group Insurance scheme: access to the ALMA group insurance scheme via MGA Insurance. More information below.

ALMA Special Programs


Via MGA Insurance – ALMA’s #1 Partner for Business Insurance
  • Through our broker we offer comprehensive insurance services to our members for both private and business related requirements.
  • We suggest that our contractors have a public liability policy adequate to meet the demands of any claim should any arise.
  • Public recognition as a member of a professional association, complying with industry standards and a code of ethics.
  • The policies cater for people in the Garden Maintenance Industry and also Tree Removalists.
    It provides the required covers for lawn and garden contractors with unlimited height cover for tree removalists.

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Sickness-Work Assistance Program

The Sick-work Assistance Program is and has been an important benefit of ALMA membership over the years.  The aim of the program is to maintain the sick member’s business so that he/she can return to a “healthy” business when they are well again.

See ALMA Sick-Work Assistance FAQ PDF.

Holiday Assistance Scheme

Time off when you run your own business is a rare luxury. ALMA’s scheme enables you to make contact with members who can fill in while you take time off.

Membership Fees

Membership TypesAnnual Payment (inc GST)Monthly Payment* (inc Admin Fee & GST)
Adelaide Metro member$440$40.83 per month or pro-rata
SA Country member$220$22.50 per month or pro-rata
Interstate member$95n/a
Retired member$60n/a

Stop making it hard to run your garden care business.

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